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2016/2017 Challenge Results

Winner The winner of the 2016/2017 competition, with 9 wins and 5 draws out of 14 matches, is called Akatsuki. A sum up of the competition results can be found in the attached file "2017end". The detailed results are illustrated in the file "2017results", while the output of each match is available in the file "2017matches".   Partecipant Teams Any student who has partecipated is free to notify any inaccuracy to Andrea Galassi ( a.galassi *at* ) Team 1: MoulinBleu   Team 2: Akatsuki   Team 3: EUropean Genius   Team 4: Benchwarmers   Team 5: MOLINARO   Team 6: Mulino Bianco   Team 7: Jar Jar   Team 8: bejoke  

2017matches.zip84.49 KB
2017results.xls49.5 KB
2017end.pdf1.64 MB